Laurence Renn *, a very bright and demanding professional translator, who is moreover very fond of Vigotsky and has quickly become a friend notwithstanding the geographical distance between us, has translated the texts that I have written since 2004 ( on Lucien Seve, the first christians, Vigotsky...) over the months of April and May 2010.

In addition to her skills as a translator, I have to add that her optimistic and participatory personality has been very pleasant indeed. During the time of our collaboration, she has not only been working as a professional but also has shown a vibrant interest in the subject, making personal research to enhance her understanding of the topic, and of its extent in the domain of human thought.

This has had an obvious impact on her work, rendering the meaning clear for the greatest part of my readers, which is the aim. She has moreover brought some modifications and corrections to the previous translation and she has lastly said to me how enriching this experience had been for her, as a litteral work of translation as much as an amazing contribution in the domain of philosophical ideas (and ideals) illustrated by my softwares.

In summary, I think she has done some excellent work.

*Laurence Renn <>