Introductory video to the essential experiment

Dynamic print screens and voice
After each video is over click once on the top left of the screen to go one page backwards
Video tests successful for Mac Intel and for PC Windows XP


1 minute


1,5 minute


2 minute


2,2 minute


3,6 minute

For its making and downloading to be more convenient, I have cut this video into five parts.

Those five parts are to be successively played one after the other.

My website is rather complicated, and a little long and strenuous to explore : here you will get a direct view on the very chore of my most personal contributions to the collective research in the fields of science, philosophy and political militancy , into which I am passionately engaged.

Yet you will only get a lifeless perspective (video) of it. For what I am craving to bring here is something vivid and animate, experiments meant to persuade oneself without any other authority than one's own judgement

We sometimes happen to make such statements as "This film is very spirited ". Indeed, it is not the film itself but that which is being filmed which is very spirited."

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