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Main stages

  • With version 96-items appear 4 conferences with philosophical and political content. See "Five conferences"
  • In version 99 I identify the sources of software published on this site
  • In the 104 version is a new software base with two emerging competitions, to deal with the "sustainable development": how to reconcile the "development of productive forces" of Karl Marx, and the necessary "sustainable development" of humanity in the rest of nature? See Devdur 1 and 2 in "Five conferences"
  • Version 109, December 2008 - Thanks to my son Dominique, CNRS researcher, I now have a platform with Xcode, MinGW and Qt4, which allows me to produce versions of my software for Mac and PC lately, all interactive (menu down), all-speed performance stabilized See " Software and Sources ".
  • Version 114, September 2009 - A "fundamental political change : I put on my site" work on the work of Lucien Sève .
  • Version 115, September 2009 - New Writing passages concerning the "genes" in Software 8-9 and Synthesis
  • Version 118, January 2010 - Would "Responsible, Creative, Solidary, and the first Christians" be a fundamental step in developing this theory ?
    Thank you to Jacqueline with whom I talked, looked, developed during this time, particularly about "being responsible with ...".
  • Version 122, February 2010 - The software " Three successive levels of organization, separated by two emergences, the first being an active ingredient of the second "Show my interest in such relations, which are essential in life (between activists and party, between body and body etc..). It is a non-mastery of knowledge. I made an "attempt of rational thought. "
  • Version 123, February 2010 - far great value Given to "WHAT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TWO PARTS OF THIS SITE? "And details of these reports. This version tries to respond to Jerome's constructive, precise and quasi-subsidiary critiscism. The whole site is in constant revision.
    I thank Janine for our endless discussions, without concessions and constructive to infinity almost for years.
  • Version 130, november 2010 : Direct introduction to my main personal contribution (software of auto-organization, emergence - how to help develop revolutionary capabilities ) with 5 + 2 short didactical videos. See the videos


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